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Jamaluddin Abolfath Yaqob Aldameshqi known as Ibne mojaver about 772 years ago on Mustansir history – that has donated it Mansoor Mustansir, Abbasi Caliph – has subjects about the water of island. For example, ” (( a lot of palm trees that there are on the island , the aqueduct that passed from Amir’s Garden, streams and rivers along with adueducts that were filling reservoirs (which was used for drinking and irrigation ) and if they dig the ground by hand, water came out from the underground )).! But it seemed unlikely the existence of this amount of groundwater that “Ibne Mojaver “described. Because this amount of water supply with 196 mm average annual precipitation in the range of approximately 90 square kilometers of the island, which is about 13 million cubic meters, considering the amount of evaporation takes place immediately after each rainfall – at the time of water infiltration into the soil – and the structure of the soil and other geological characteristics of the island, apparently don’t match the Ibne Mojaver description’s. However, in the past, in different seasons that population of the island changes between 1000 – 2000 people, the drinking water for residents of the island and its use by the ships passing and even limited agriculture was enough. at that time the island had facilities like reservoirs , ponds, large and small well , with different depths in the northern part – the current green tree area.

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